1. No guns, weapons of any type (to include knives) or illegal drugs are allowed at Cherry Lane Resort.
  2. Be courteous to all other visitors.
  3. No open sex acts on the grounds, in the pool, or in the clubhouse.
  4. You must provide your own lawn chairs for the pool.
  5. All personal items must be removed from the pool area at the end of each day.
  6. All lawn chairs, floats, pool toys must be removed from the pool area each day.
  7. No food will be taken into the pool area.No glass or clear plastic may be taken into the pool area and you are not allowed to take glass containers into the clubhouse.
  8. You must be nude in the pool area.
  9. No horseplay in the pool area.
  10. No one is allowed in the pool area after dark.
  11. When nude please carry a towel with you at all times (for sanitary purposes).
  12. Use the butt (for cigarette butts) cans provided for you around the park and especially in the pool area.
  13. Do not throw litter on the ground.
  14. No construction material will be placed in the dumpsters, this also includes carpet, mattresses, or anything that will not fit into a garbage bag.  No trash or garbage from other locations will be put into Cherry Lane's dumpsters.  If you are found to be in violation of this rule you may be fined and or ejected from the campground.
  15. Do not leave the gate open.
  16. Keep your campsite neat and do not leave trash on campsite (a dumpster is provided near the road as you leave).
  17. Campfires will be allowed only in an approved fire ring. Please do not leave campfires un-attended.
  18. Do not spill wastewater on the ground.
  19. No form of sexual harassment will be tolerated.
  20. Singles may not enter anyone’s campsite without being invited.
  21. All daily guests must leave by 6:00 P.M., all weekend guests must leave by 6:00 P.M. Sunday, or Monday on holiday weekends.
  22. Pets must be kept on a leash, clean up all messes your pet may make. Please walk pets in the designated dog walk area (defined by signs).
  23. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to visit Cherry Lane Nudist Resort without the express permission of Dennis.
  24. No always means "NO", if you feel you are being harassed please see management. DO NOT take matters into your own hands.
  25. Fighting will result in expulsion (member or visitor) with no refund of fees.
  26. All trailers in Cherry Lane will be parked with the tongue facing outwards to facilitate removal in the event of fire.
  27. Members will keep their campsites neat and free of clutter, grass and weeds will be kept cut and trimmed. If you do not keep your campsite appropriately taken care of you will be warned once, if you do not comply we will clean, mow, and trim and you will be charged. The proceeds for this will go to the entertainment committee.
  28. All permanent trailers not on sewer will have a working blue tank, if you are found to be violating a state health code with your gray or black water your membership will be terminated.
  29. No one will share information about other visitors or members outside of Cherry Lane. Violations of privacy will result in expulsion.  This rule includes stalking, harassment of any type of sharing personal information with anyone.
  30. All out door refrigerators will have a hasp and lock or will be chained closed with a lock.
  31. All permanent sewer connections will be made with solid pipe.
  32. Electric cords and water hoses will be properly maintained and may not be buried.
  33. All construction must meet with the approval of management.
  34. All guests at your campsite over the age of 21 will pay ground fees.
  35. A couple will consist of two people of the opposite gender. For the purpose of membership, couples are generally considered male and female. Exceptions can be made for the LBGQ+ couples and will be made by management.
  36. Single members may have one guest of the opposite sex at no charge.
  37. Couples may have guest singles, but only one per weekend, guests must pay the daily or weekend rate. Must be approved by management
  38. The most important rule is use common sense in your actions at Cherry Lane, be respectful of the campground and the other visitors. We realize that we cannot cover every possibility that may occur, if incidents occur that are not covered by these rules that incident will be dealt with according to management's decision. We expect to keep Cherry Lane a fun, safe place to visit and will not tolerate trouble makers. 
  39. Don't not nail anything to the trees.
  40. These rules and policies will be interpreted and enforced by Cherry Lane management.

Dennis L. Bevis
Cherry Lane Nudist Resort