All fees are based on a seasonal rate from May 1 until October 1,  campsite use between October 1 and April 30 will result in additional fees depending on usage to be determined by Cherry Lane Management.  All electric will be shut off no later than October 30 and will only be turned on in April or by request.

You do not have to be a member to visit Cherry Lane! If you are not a member the "non-member rates" apply to you (scroll down)  If you choose to become a member there are two types of membership, "full membership" includes a permanent campsite.  If you are an "associate member" you have full access to the facilities but do no have a permanent campsite and you are subject to daily electric fees.

Please read this page carefully.   If, after reading this page you still have questions, please give us a call @ 517-287-4760 and we will answer any questions you may have.


Member  Rates

Associate Membership  $1000 w/$50.00 discount for prompt payment ($950.00)
(no permanent campsite) includes 24/7 access.
Camp Site Rates  
Basic Campsite $1000 + tax, Membership $1000 with $100 discount $1960
Large Campsite $1100 +tax, Membership $1000 with $100 discount, Sewer $300 +tax $2410.50
Basic Campsite $1000 +tax, Membership $1000 with $100 discount, Sewer $300 +tax $2304.50
Additional Campsite $1200 +tax  

Water & Electric Fees

All campsites with a working meter will pay .153 per kwh.  Meter reads will begin at your renewal date and meter charges will be at the end of the season or on an annual basis.  If you don't have a meter, or have one that doesn't work please let us know and we will either install a meter or replace the non-working meter.  If you have no meter or yours isn't working you will be charged the flat rate pro-rated monthly until such time as we can meter your usage. 
Golf carts and other electric usage not run through your meter will be charged at the rates below
Electric (daily) $15.00
Seasonal Flat rate - May 1 through September 30 $275.00
Tent Electric  $10
Full time summer residents - May 1 through September 30 $475.00

 Additional Fees 

Golf Carts (electric) per cart  $75.00 per season
Additional plugs in pedestal or additional refrigerators $120 per season


Non Member Rates

Daily Rate:  
No Campsite - Single or Couple 10 am - 6 pm $65 per day 10am to 6pm
Daily Special Mon - Thursday (except Holidays) $45 per day
Overnight Stay Sunday - Thursday (excluding holidays) $100 per day
Weekend Rates: Friday 10am - Sunday 6pm  
Couples - with campsite $260 weekend+elec
 Single Female with Sponsor $160
Single Male with Sponsor $260
Saturday 10am - Sunday 6pm  
Couples - with campsite $175 +elec
 Single Female with Sponsor $100
Holiday Weekend rates: Four joining days  
Couples - with campsite $260 weekend+elec
Single Female with Sponsor $160
Single Male with Sponsor $260
Additonal Days $45 + Electric  
Dance Only 5pm - Sunday 10am  
Couples $100
Single Female with Sponsor $80
Additional Day $45 plus electric  
Golf Cart Rates:  
Daily $65
Weekend $150
Holiday Weekend $180
Rental special - Reg weekend $125
Holiday Weekend $160
Electric   $15.00 per day
Tent Electric   $10.00 per day
Gate key is a $40 cash deposit ($20 fee to turn key back on if it is turned off)  

Charge Cards and $50 deposit on all Trailer rentals.
Trailer rentals from $200 to $400 plus weekend rates.
3.75% Fee on all Credit Card Transactions


Misc Fees

Trailer moves inside park (hook up and drop) $12.00
Trailer setup and leveling $200.00
Trailer moves outside park  $2.50 per loaded mile (min $60.00)
All labor  @$45.00 per hour, per person (2 hour min.)





Note: Use tax and sales tax are synomymous in the state of Michigan.